A Look at Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

Have you ever wondered how Bluetooth speakers work? The fact is they are more complicated than traditional wireless speakers. Let me explain something about the technology that is being used. Bluetooth speakers are quite a bit more complicated than FM wireless speakers. FM wireless speakers are working similarly as you FM radio. The audio signal is being modulated onto a high-frequency carrier wave. This wave is being received and demodulated within speaker. This audio signal is then fed to an amplifier. Because of this simple operating procedure, FM speakers have become quite cheap lately.

In contrast, Bluetooth speakers are quite a bit more complicated. As an example, let’s take a look at Amphony speakers. The audio that is to be transmitted, is first of all being converted into data. This is done by using a converter circuit. This data is stand being extracted and compressed in order to reduce the data rate. This compression is usually performed by a specialized digital signal processor. Then this data is …

A Look at Some Power Supplies Used in Audio Amplifiers

Power supplies come in different shapes and sizes. However, a good power supply is crucial for an audio amplifier to work properly. That is easy to understand. A power amplifier has to provide a fairly high amount of wattage to some speakers connected to the amplifier. Without a decent power supply, the signal going to the speakers will be compromised.

Let’s look at some types of audio amplifier power supplies. Some models use external wallwart power supplies. This is often the case for amplifiers that don’t have more than 50 Watts power. An external power supply means that the manufacturer of the amplifier can focus on the design of the amplifier itself without having to worry about integrating the power supply. Also, an external power supply is usually safety approved by the manufacturer of the power supply. That means that manufacturer of the amplifier doesn’t have to spend a fortune getting safety approval for its product.

wireless speakers with an iPod cradle

Another reason for using external power supplies is that depending on where …

How to Save Money on a Home Theater System

Lately home theater systems have become quite popular as an alternative to going to a movie theater. Obviously, if you watch movies at home, you will not be able to see the news releases which are usually first shown in movie theaters. However, if you can wait a few years until movies become released on DVDs, you can save yourself some money by not having to purchase tickets and also not having to spend money on gas for going to a movie theater.

However, purchasing a home theater system can be quite an investment. Depending on how serious you are about watching movies, this can be quite a significant amount of money. However, you can also get by on a shoestring budget if you have to. I will show you what options are available and how much you should spend as well as how you can save some money whilst purchasing a home theater system.

When purchasing components for setting up a home theater system at home, the …